Replacing our house water system for the garden #WhatILearnedToday

Today I had a challenge I don´t encounter too often. But let´s go back some weeks…

When we were in our holidays this year we asked our neighbors to water our garden as we do every year. But something was different this time. On day one of hour holidays we received a message, telling us that no water is available to water the plants. Shit, something was wrong here. Fortunately our neighbors were kind enough to bring water from their house so our flowers and plants were still surviving.

Back home I checked for the problem and instantly found that our house water pump for the garden water was broken. We collect rain water and use this pump to make it available to garden sprinkler and co. When we bought our house several years ago, this system was already in place, so it was quite old. OK, up for a new one…

After researching some time, I chose a home water system and ordered it. (a Metabo HWW 4500/25 Inox Hauswasserwerk for those of you who are curious)

Fast forward some days to today

Replacement time! So what did I learn today? How to replace a house water system!

The interesting part was to get all the old pipe connections open, replace it with new ones, extend one pipe as the connections are in a different height than with the old system. But finally, after some heavy lifting (and some swearing) and getting some spare parts I got it done. Now we can water everything we need with our collected rain water again, saving some money and fresh water 🙂

A house water system mounted in a basement with two pipes connected.

To be honest, I don´t hope I have to do it again in the next several years, but it was a pretty good feeling to get some work done besides the IT-stuff.

Enjoy your day!

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