Tony Hawk´s Pro Skater is still a lot of fun! #WhatILearnedToday


It´s weekend, time for some fun!

Yesterday I was pretty excited to see that a remastered version of Tony Hawk´s Pro Skater 1 and 2 was released for Xbox, PS4 and PC. To be honest, I´m not a big gamer. We own a Xbox, but normally I turn it on, it get´s an update and when this is finished I already do something different.

But Tony Hawk´s Pro Skater? A Lot of good memories are connected with this game. I remember being fascinated by the stuff one could do in the original games 21 years ago (wow, this is the time you know your old 😀 ). Many many hours I was grinding, nose-grabbing and combo-ing in several stages of this game.

And this iconic game now has been remastered for current gen hardware. So the decision-making did not take too long. Thanks to modern times I did not even have to leave the house to grab a copy of the game.

The sequence that followed was:

Turn Xbox on -> Update…

Buy the game -> download 25 GB

Start the game and hear the first tones of the music -> big smile!


Although it´s 21 years later, the feeling is still pretty awesome. The picture quality is great, everything is fluent and really brings a lot of fun.

I´m really looking forward to seeing all places and enjoying the free rides, jumping the gaps, grinding, wall-riding and I´m pretty happy that there is no physical feedback as my skater will for sure land on it´s nose several times…

So far, I did not regret jumping on the nostalgia train. If you enjoyed THPS two decades ago, give it a try and grind your way down memory lane!

sorry, gotta go now, you know, play…

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