#Mindmanager 2012 – Save File on network drive very slow–solution

If you are unsing MindManager 2012 and experience problems with saving files on a network drive, this might be the solution:


Sometimes MindManager searches for a Sharepoint site while saving mindmaps. If you don´t have Sharepoint, MindManager sometimes gets a timeout – that´s why MindManager hangs for minutes…

Here is how to solve it:

First, check your installed version:

Click on File –> Help. There you see the version installed



If you are not on version 10.2.404 or later, go donwload it at the Mindjet Website.

After you installed it, open Mindmanager once, so it can build the registry settings for the current user needed.

Be sure to close Mindmanager before editing the registry setting, otherwise MindManager will overwrite your setting.

open regedit.exe and navigate to


change the key “EnableDmsSupport” to 0



After the change, MindManager will not longer try to find a Sharepoint site.

Be aware that you have to change this for every user on this machine, as the key is to find in HKEY_CURRENT_USER


Hope that helps Smiley

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