The PowerShell Blog on your Microsoft Band – RSS Webtile


if you are a Microsoft Band (2) owner and like PowerShell (who doesn´t ?!?) this webtile might be something for you.

It grabs the RSS data from and displays the title and first 160 characters of the blog text on your Band (2)

It also notifies you if there are some trigger words in the blogtext like “Updated”, “Released”, “Pulled”, “Available” and “Gallery” so you are always up to date 🙂


To install the tile safe this file
 to your phone and open it.

Alternatively you can follow this link (!307258&authkey=!AGqS-ARd0qDS70w&ithint=file%2cwebtile) on your phone, download the PowerShellRSS.webtile to your phone, then open it.


The Microsoft Health app should do the rest. You can also send the webtile to your phone by mail and then open it. I´ll also submit this to the Band Gallery but I don´t know how long it takes to show up there…

Hope you like it 🙂



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