SCCM2012R2 OSD Error Download () failed 80072ee2

Lately I was struggling with a DP that got its Packages invalid several times, see here

After solving this, I had the problem that some clients failed to install.

They brought up an error “Download failed 80071ee2”. After redistributing several packages I saw that always different files in the same package were “Not able to download”. A Network error? Found nothing strange there. All the Tasksequences were working before upgrading to R2!

Finally I found this TechNet Thread where someone had the same issue. Especially take a look at Christian Langelands answer:



And this is it!


1. Create two Tasksequence Variables right at the top of your Tasksequence:

SMSTSDownloadRetryCount with Value 5


SMSTSDownloadRetryDelay with Value 15


I also set the variable “SMSTSMPListRequestTimeout” with value 300 as mentioned in the next answer – just to be sure! Winking smile



So somehow the R2-client version is not as robust or the settings are just wrong.

As you see in the above mentioned post, Microsoft is aware of this, so maybe there is a fix/update some when.


Hope it helps!

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